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Voter Information


Every vote counts! If you live in Mason District and you cannot make it to the polls on Election Day, please vote by absentee ballot. And, please pass this information along to a friend or loved one who cannot make it to the polls.

In order to vote by absentee ballot, you must fit into one of several categories of voters who cannot appear at the polls on Election Day. These are:

  • students or spouses of students attending a school outside Fairfax County
  • those who will be away from Fairfax County on business
  • those who will be working and commuting for 11 or more hours between 6 am and 7 pm
  • those who will be away from Fairfax County on personal business or vacation
  • those who are unable to go to the polls because of illness or disability
  • primary caretakers of confined family members
  • those with a religious obligation
  • those confined awaiting trial
  • those confined having been convicted of a misdemeanor
  • election officials
  • those on active duty in the military outside Fairfax County
  • spouses or dependents residing with a member of the military outside Fairfax County
  • overseas citizens whose most recent United States residence was in Fairfax County

You must first file an application for an absentee ballot. You can contact our campaign for a copy, obtain one from the County Registrar.s web page ( or request one from the Registrar.s office by phone (703-222-0776). Once the application is received by the Registrar, the actual absentee ballot will be mailed to the requester. All ballots must be received by the Registrar by 7 pm on Election Day, November 4th. Postmarks do not govern, only actual receipt.

As an alternative to the mail-in ballot, you may vote in person prior to Election Day. Through Saturday, November 1st, you can go to the Registrar's office at 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 323 in Fairfax to do so. Hours are as follows:

Monday-Friday (until October 31) 8 am-7:30 pm
Saturdays (October 25 and November 1) 9 am-5 pm

You can also vote in person at any one of 6 satellite locations, including the Mason District Government Center, through November 1st. The Government Center is located at 6507 Columbia Pike, Annandale. Hours are 3:30-7:30 pm (Monday-Friday) and 9 am-5 pm (Saturday).

If you have any questions, or if you would like a copy of the absentee ballot application mailed to you, please contact Michelle at

Buzz Hawley for Mason District Supervisor