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September 7, 2003

Dear Buzz:

I am writing to offer my strongest endorsement of your candidacy for Mason District Supervisor in Fairfax County.

As a nearly lifelong resident of Mason District, you know how it has changed for the better and for worse. You understand what it has been and what it can become. Mason District residents can rest assured that you are truly one of them and that you really understand their needs and their hopes for the future.

As an active member of the Mason District community, you have kept abreast of the issues that concern your neighbors and can pull together ideas to make Fairfax County a better place to live, work, and raise a family. For years, you have given freely of your time and energy and talents - as Chairman of the Mason District Council of Civic Associations, President of the Bailey's Crossroads Rotary Club, President of the Sleepy Hollow Woods Civic Association, and member of the Fairfax County Consumer Protection Commission. And, now you seek to use that experience to benefit all of Fairfax County. Your civic spirit is commendable.

You have opened your campaign up to all who share your vision of a better future for Fairfax. You seek to build bridges and find common ground amongst individuals and groups with different ideas and opinions, always keeping your eye on the bottom line - improving the quality of life for Fairfax residents. You believe that the people give their elected leaders their power and you believe that elected officials should be responsive to their constituents' needs. Your commonsense approach to leadership is just what Fairfax needs right now.

You know that Fairfax homeowners are overburdened with skyrocketing taxes and the threat of increased fees from a Board of Supervisors that has failed to maintain control of its spending impulses. Your ideas for bringing greater accountability to county government through an independent Inspector General and improved public access to the County's decision-making process are smart and innovative. And, your ideas for reducing sprawl and traffic congestion with new procedures linking transportation and land use planning are refreshing.

I am proud to support your campaign for Mason District Supervisor, Buzz, in any way I can. You have the right ideas at the right time, and I know that Mason District voters would truly benefit from electing you this November.


Senator George Allen

Buzz Hawley for Mason District Supervisor