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Look Who Is Supporting Buzz

The names below only represent a partial list of Buzz's supporters. Please check back regularly for an updated list.

Senator John Warner
Senator George Allen

Citizens' Community Caucus

Mike and Cynthia Adcock
Curtis Anderson
Judy Anderson
Robert A. Anthony
Honorable and Mrs. Bill Archer
Mary M. Augliere
Ana and Eduardo Azcarate
Alice Bailey
Juanita Balenger
Maria Balenger
Doug Barylski
George P. Bates, Jr.
Don Beach
R. Biancaniello
Kirk Blalock
Ray and Soley Boland
P. Jefferson Bong
Strode and Nan Brent
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Broady
B. Jeffrey Brooks
Bob R. Brooks, Jr.
Pat and Janet Buckley
Paul F. Cambon
Rob and Francine Cannon
Gary D. Carlson
Peter Chapola
Julie Chlopecki
Dean Clancy
Chris and Kristi Craig
Nestor Enrique Cruz
Dan and Eileen Daly
Brad Davis
The Honorable Tom Davis
Irv Denton
Nicholas and Mary Diakides
Quin and Shelley Dodd
Drs. Stefan and Deborah Dombrowski
Ms. Kellie Donnelly
Jim Dornan
Jill Dowell
Christopher Downey
Dr. and Mrs. James Dryden
Rob Efrus
George and Sue Erikson
Tony Essalih
Martin and Barbara Faga
Bill and Robin Fetsch
John Fitchett
Doug Flanders
Paul W. Foster and Julia Heather Hanks
Mr. and Mrs. A. Gallagher
Anne Gavin
Kevin and Anne Gentry
Everett and Lois Germain
Grant and Leslie Gibson
Pat Goddard
Paul Grimm
Mary L. Gundrum
Ted Haddad
Andy Halataei
Melanie Hale
Harry and Vellie Hall
Carol Hawley
Sloan M. Hawley
Buzz Hefti
Ben and Bonnie Hester
Bill Hettinger
Jim, Patty, and Chuck Hichak
Joseph U. Hinshaw
Paul Hirsch
Scott Huch
Paul Iarrobino
Alan and Karen Jacobson
Eric Janney
Bob and Esther Jerome
Donald and DeEtte Johnson
Carol Keister
Captain and Mrs. Jack Kenyon
F.J. Khajenouri
Vic Klatt
Evan Knisely
Cristina L. Krasow
Frances Caroline Lane
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Luquire
Jonathan L. Martin
Ron and Wanda Martinson
Jane and Dan Mattoon
Richard B. McCord
Kathleen McDermott
Joe and Ann McIntosh
Alison and Kyle McSlarrow
Colonel (Ret) Edward and Catherine Minkel
Todd Mitchell
Yancy Molnar
Carol Mooney
Phil and Norah Moseley
Katharine Mottley
Raymond Munoz
Grant Mydland
Torvall Nelson
Ed Newberry
Cynthia S. Newman
Carl S. Novak
Ryan Obermeier
Walter and Connie Ochs
Will and Anne O'Neil
Patrick Opitz
William G. Otis
Lilian Peterson
D'Arcy Philps
Stuart Piper
Tom Potter
Jan Powell
Dave and Michelle Presson
Rose Purple
Harold Pyon
Anthony W. Ravosa, Jr.
Roy Ray
Greg and Molly Romano
Sam Rothman
Captain and Mrs. Richard E. Runyon
Stanton and Dorothy Samenow
Bob Seelinger
James B. Shelton
Paul and Sue Sherry
Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Smith
Alice Sollosi
Kathleen Turner Sparks
Scott Spear
Bill and Rose Stein
Frank C. Steinke, LtCol, USAF (Ret.)
Carlyle Stewart
Lloyd Stiegman
Jay Stone
Alan and Sandra Swirski
Keith and Rita Taggart
Lillie Tobash
Jeffery S. Trinca
James Trollinger
Steve Tupper
Stu Van Scoyoc
Reid Voss
Steve and Betty Wawrzaszek
Mr. and Mrs. Don Wellen
Linda J. Willard
The Honorable Frank Wolf
Buckeye Bud and Cathy Wollenzien
Colonel Edward H. Wynn
Bernard H. Zeavin, M.D.

Buzz Hawley for Mason District Supervisor