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Citizens' Community Caucus
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September 10, 2003

CONTACT: Paul Hughes, Smart Growth Caucus (703) 280-1719
Anne Gavin, Hawley Campaign (703) 989-8364

Fairfax Smart Growth Caucus Endorses Buzz Hawley for Mason District Supervisor

Fairfax, VA -- The Citizens' Community Caucus, a countywide citizens' Political Action Committee, today announced its endorsement of Buzz Hawley for Mason District Supervisor.

"Buzz has a fundamental understanding of what it takes to end sprawl and traffic congestion in Fairfax County," said Paul Hughes, President of the Citizens' Community Caucus. "Buzz also has the can-do attitude to get things done on the County Board of Supervisors and will help us make positive strides towards improving sprawl, traffic congestion, and all the problems that come with them."

The Smart Growth Caucus is a volunteer citizens political action committee formed by Smart Growth advocates, transit supporters, environmentalists, and concerned residents seeking more coherent land use and transportation policies in Fairfax County as well as preservation of our rapidly diminishing open space. The Caucus seeks leaders who will end the cycle of unchecked development that is destroying our quality of life. They advocate increased use of mass transit as an alternative to automobile travel, creation of pedestrian-friendly communities, and preservation of open space. Caucus members come from organizations representing over 1,000 members in Fairfax County.

"I am pleased to join the Community Caucus in finding real, workable solutions to Fairfax's land use and transportation problems," said Buzz Hawley. "Fairfax residents deserve a better, stronger vision for our future. We can and should do better in Fairfax County."

"The Community Caucus has some great ideas for light rail, open space preservation, and greater citizen involvement in the county's development decisions that will get commuters home to their families sooner, get our children out of classroom trailers, and improve business opportunities for small 'Main Street' businesses, shops, and restaurants. I am proud to accept the Smart Growth endorsement."

Hawley, the Republican challenger in the Mason District Supervisor race, has called for better linkage between land use and transportation policy decision-making at the county level. He has stressed the need for development of a comprehensive planning procedure and document that merges the County's Comprehensive Plan for land use with a realistic countywide transportation plan incorporating roads, Metro, VRE, Light Rail, local buses, subscription bus services, trails, sidewalks, and other modes of travel.

"Our members will be out working hard for Buzz Hawley between now and election day," said Hughes. "We are committed to improving the quality of life in Fairfax, and we think that electing Buzz to the Board of Supervisors will be a positive step forward to achieving more responsible planning and better stewardship of the taxpayer's money in Fairfax County."


Buzz Hawley for Mason District Supervisor