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On The Issues

As a father and a former Mason District Little League coach, Buzz knows how big a difference each of us can make in the lives of our children by getting involved in their activities and education.
Maintaining Educational Excellence

As a product of Fairfax County's public schools, Buzz knows that Fairfax's teachers and educational resources are amongst the best in the nation. And as a father of a future Fairfax student, he knows that we have to keep giving teachers the tools that they need and the compensation they deserve to maintain that standard of excellence. Unfortunately, poor land use decisions made without proper consideration of their impact on education has led to trailer classrooms and overcrowded schools. Worse yet, too much fighting between the Board of Supervisors and the School Board has jeopardized our ability to focus on what's truly important - guaranteeing our children a brighter future through a good education.

Reining In Real Estate Taxes

Our real estate taxes in Fairfax County have been skyrocketing for years. The average tax bill in Fairfax County has increased 38% over the last three years. This year, assessments have increased by double digits, again. This means higher and higher tax bills for you and your family. Buzz will work to bring our tax burden under control - and he won't support new taxes and taxing authority on meals, sales, and cell phones.

Accountability in Government

In order to control real estate taxes and improve the quality of county services, we need real accountability in government spending, and not just lip service. Buzz will work to strengthen the Fairfax County Auditor with independence and real authority to review spending, improve efficiency, and cut out waste. He'll support plans to improve accountability and prioritize spending so that we get the services we want without skyrocketing taxes.

Fighting Gridlock

As a husband and parent, Buzz understands that gridlock takes us away from our families, makes us less productive, and detracts from our quality of life. As our Supervisor, Buzz will explore creative, realistic solutions to our transportation mess. He'll work to increase county funding for road improvements, synchronize stoplights to keep traffic moving, and improve mass transit options.

Buzz Speaks at an Anti-Tax Rally in Fairfax and pledges to limit the annual growth of double-digit real estate taxes.
Getting a Grip on Growth

When it comes to growth, Fairfax County needs an attitude adjustment. First, elected officials need to listen to the community when it comes to growth and zoning decisions. Second, zoning decisions must be truly connected with transportation planning, so that we don't keep adding to our traffic problems. Third, our leaders must understand that not all growth is good, and must be willing to say "no".

Fighting Crime

Our brave law enforcement officers deserve not only our thanks, but also real support. While taxes have been skyrocketing the proposed county budget calls for reductions in funding for the Fairfax County Police Department. This is unacceptable and must be addressed. Buzz will fight for more resources for Mason District to fight crime and keep our streets safe.

Buzz Hawley for Mason District Supervisor